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January 1, 2013
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Chibi animals for free by LizzysAdopts Chibi animals for free by LizzysAdopts
I've done them some time ago and I've never finished the whole sheet, so I will give those two away. But I would really like to give them to someone who would use them.

Please tell me which one you want and why. I will choose the ones how get one tommorrow. So no first come, first serve!

1. Do not resell
2. You can change little things,but try not to change their whole design
3. You may add scarfs etc.
4. Do not use the lines

#1: taken by =JB-Pawstep

#2: taken by *Strudel--Cutie4427

lineart (c) =JB-Pawstep
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PLease please do more
LizzysAdopts Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I will see^^
I love them both and I'll put up a why for both BUT I'm not greedy so I'm not expecting to get both. I only want to try because then I'll at least have a chance to get one, right? (And you never know if you never try)


THe first one looks like a Jerboa without a tail :D (But Idk what it is so I'm not sure. Bunny maybe?)
Why I want it: Because he's cute (obviously) and I can already think up some cute storylines for him
Name: Marco
Gender: Male
Age: 2 years (So old enough for teens)
Personality: Friendly and always willing to please but really shy and timid (though he doesn't show it) and unsure of himself. He loves running around and getting into mischief but if he's around others he's very reserved. (Making for some funny moments when he gets spotted and stops in his tracks, looking over with wide eyes)
Things I would change: I might turn the eyes red but that's it
Backgound: When he was younger his ears were so big he always used to trip up on them and fall over which made his siblings laugh. He ran away pretty much as soon as he could because he hated being teased about his ears. Soon, cold, hungry, tired and alone, nearing death he stumbled into a doorstep. There he was found and taken inside (by another of my adoptables - Idk which yet) He slowly came out of his shell because of how kind the others were to him. As he got older he grew into his ears and by three (so older than he is now) he's quite confident in himself


The second one I'm pretty sure is a lion cub but he could be part Tasmanian tiger (with the stripes and coloring)
Why I want it: Because you never see tasmanian tiger-looking adopts and again, I can think up a story for him. Oh and there's the cuteness factor.
Name: Mason (But the others don't know his name so they call him Maffy)
Gender: Male
Age: 6 months (About two-5 years if he were human)
Personality: He's completely mute but he never lets that stop him. He's a boystrous little boy and loves jumping around and getting into all sorts of things.
Things I would change: I'll take the tuft off the tail and call him a tasmanian tiger
Background: Being one of the last tasmanian tigers is hard but when he gets spotted and captured, he's taken from his family to a zoo. His mother warned him not to play in the open but he didn't listen. He's barely old enough to be weaned but he can eat soft meat. He gets spotted in the zoo (again by one of my adoptables) and they break him out, hiding him. At about five years old (older than he is now) he's able to go back to his mother but occasionally he comes back to his second family and visits for a few days.


Accesseries: I don't generally accesserise (apart from giving some things glasses)
LizzysAdopts Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
haha^^ I love that with the tasmanian tiger xD you get him^^
Yay :D (Sorry I haven't been online)

Who got the other one?
LizzysAdopts Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
JB-Pawstep got the other one^^
samsocksadopts Jan 1, 2013  Student Filmographer
the chinchilla (if its not one may i change it to that? or could you tell me the correct species?)
why? simply because id love to use her in my new series that is unnamed at this moment. The series is about Heaven breaking in two.
Any changes: i would give her a little necklace with a gold ring on it, which if she's in Heaven it will transform into her halo, but the necklace would still be there just not the gold ring. id also add white wings to her.
Other: well id probally use her for the 'bad' side but she doesnt realize it is as most of the angelic animals dont realize that Cassiel is the chosen one to speak out God's word to them, id probally have her in the middle/end switch sides

well that is without giving very many info on what id like to add to her but i wont to that until (and if) i get her ill add all her info (ie name, age, gender, personality, ect)
LizzysAdopts Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
sry but someone else get him ^^;
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